'Fall Apart' Out Now




Los Angeles based singer songwriter Janessa Evrist, recently released the first single off her debut EP- ‘Fall Apart’. The single, 'Fall Apart' for which the EP is named after, is a song that provides you with an escape from the impossible ideals of perfection we all place on ourselves sometimes; we tell ourselves to "pull it together" in times of real personal struggle, assuming it's never appropriate to embrace our imperfections and still consider ourselves whole. This EP has been the focus of Evrist’s for nearly two years and that time has allowed for growth, artistic development, and the ability to find a sound all her own. Evrist has many self-produced works on the web and her first single “Play High Stakes” was released in August 2016. Her style ranges from stripped-down piano and pure vocals to indie pop and lately, to dream pop with the same touch of vulnerability she shows in her early sound. Evrist’s “Fall Apart” EP will capture a sound that defines her as the artist she’s grown into. Each song on the upcoming 5-song EP also captures a message of personal importance to Evrist that she wishes to share with her audience and in doing so, empower her listeners.